Dec 18, 2014

The Class of 1965 is Planning a Reunion

Morgan Park Class of 1965 Reunion
October 24, 2015
Open to All Classes to Join Us
Location: TBA

It's been fifty years! Where does the time go? It's a landmark for those of us who are still breathing. As far as I know there are no plans for a Fiftieth Reunion. So, I'll start one. Here is the deal. We start with a theme. Our working theme will be "Cheap and Easy". No, it's not a tribute to the girls from Hermosa Street; it's the only way we can pull this off in a year. We can change the theme later to something exotic like "Misty Memories," or "Ravages of Time!"

Would you come to a reunion if it only cost $20.oo? How about $25.oo? That is the range we are talking about.

If you think you might be interested you need to let us know by December 31, 2014.

Next: Get the word out. Tell anybody you know, use that social media thing. We have a web site now and Yahoo Groups is coming to keep in touch. If we spend two months finding out if there is interest. January 1, we book a room based on the numbers. Let me make this clear! If we get 25 people, I know a nice place with a back room. If we get 100 people, Great! 200 people, we'll get a bigger boat!

Next II: Ask people to help. If we generate interest, we'll need help. In keeping with our working theme, "Cheap & Easy", hopefully we can spread the work around so this doesn't turn into a full time job for anybody. And we keep the costs down to just what we need, a room, a cash bar, badges and decorations. Maybe a DJ and food? I'm sure we'll need a few more things but the more attendees to share the cost makes all that possible.See committees. There might be some costs beyond the price of the ticket, that is why we have a Donations Page.

We will collect your info through., Paul Palmer class of 65, current webmaster. We need to know several important things. Name, Current and Maiden, Class? Even an old fashion phone number. Are you thinking of coming? Please check our committee needs and if you have some expertise you could lend us, we just might get this project off the ground.

You'll probably want to know who is interested and later who is coming, that's where the classmates page can help. You might have been a member of a fraternity, sorority or a club at EMPEHI. Reconnect with them, you shared a unique high school experience. Relive it one more time!

Mini Committee at this point. Paul Palmer, 65, Kathy Chamis, 66, George Clancy, 65.

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