Dec 30, 2014

MPHS 60 Something Alumni New Years Resolutions 2015

Have More Fun

Love More

Stay in Touch

Be Nice

Don’t Get Angry

Forgive and Forget

Take My Meds

Eat Less

If It Tastes Good, Spit It Out

Work Out More

Do a Good Turn Daily

Everything In Moderation

Be Prepared

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Relax.  Lighten Up

Get My Affairs In Order

Take That Trip Soon

Run Spiel Chek

Take Baby Steps

Keep On Trucking

Live Til Next Year


That list wore me out just reading it! My multi-tasking days are nearly by-gones. . I'm taking 'baby steps'.. concentrating on one thing thing at a time.

My new year motto: 'day by day' as George Harrison so aptly wrote and sang....

Marie Stazzone

I'm with you, my resolution is "no resolutions". Just keep trucking each day if possible.

Ron Veenstra

Only one. Live til next year. Same one every year and I have never broken it.

Tom Schildhouse

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