Jul 14, 2013

The Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas

We are attending the Sister City International Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Great conference, with attendees from all over the world. And the San Antonio Riverwalk is a great urban space.


Tom Halbert, Gayle Maxey, Ray Gossett, Beth Ruyle, and Craig Hullinger are attending from Sarasota Sister Cities. Ruyle and Hullinger have just returned from the Sarasota Sister City visit to Vladimir, Russia.      vladimirsarasota.blogspot.com 

The Riverwalk in San Antonio is one of the great urban spaces of the world. According to Wikipedia it was nearly paved over and replaced by a storm sewer. This plan was blocked. 

"In San Antonio native and architect Robert Hugman submitted his plans for what would become the River Walk. The leadership of former mayor Jack White was instrumental in passage of a bond issue that raised funds to empower the 1938 “San Antonio River Beautification Project”.

The plan was controversial and took a long time to implement. Today it is a very special and popular place and the heart of San Antonio.


The Conference theme is "The Power of Exchange - Creating Sustainable Cities and Sustainable Relationships". The San Antonio River Walk is a great example of sustainable development. 

Click for a Video of the River Walk.

Click for a Video of a Band on the River Walk 

Bob Rivard is a San Antonio journalist who gave the Sister Cities Conference an excellent presentation on the use of media and on San Antonio. His excellent web site on San Antonio below:


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