Apr 1, 2020

Restroom Trip Policy

Though you might to like another of my school pranks.  (No more really good ones.) 

This 'Restroom Trip Policy' got the attention of the teachers AND both CPS and the Teachers' Union (CTU).

Back in 2011 there were a bunch of stories about how some new computers are able to understand voice commands. SO -- I decided that the new application could come in useful and I wrote up the attached 'Restroom Trip Policy' and put it in the faculty mail boxes just before we left school on March 31, 2011. 
I told the Assistant Principal about it and he left early. 

As usual, very few read the entire text. The next day, Friday, April 1, there was a bit of chaos in the office about the memo and the school received visits from representatives of both the CPS central office and the CTU. Both were sent to see me. My first comment to them was "Please read the last sentence." 

 After reading it they both promptly turned around and left giggling. I did receive a 2 page letter from CPS reminding me of the guidelines regarding using 'Official CPS Letterhead'. (Look at the letterhead - 75th floor of a 12 story building? -and Calling Mr. Cub at (773) 404-2827 gets you Wrigley Field!)

Roy Coleman
Physics Teacher MPHS

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