Apr 20, 2020

Cancellation of the Empehi October 3, 2020 Multi-class reunion / postponed until further notice

Cancellation of the Empehi October 3, 2020 Multi-class reunion / postponed until further notice

Never in all my days would I have anticipated having to write a note about decisions needing to be made in the face of a global pandemic, and yet, here we are.

This disease is spreading widely and quickly and is known to be especially dangerous for the elderly, the immunocompromised and those with health complications. This puts all of us in the high risk category. Social gatherings have wisely been banned in Illinios.

While we HOPE that this will have passed by the summer, Dr. Fauci has warned there is a very high likelihood that the disease will have a huge resurgence in October.

We had a venue (paid our deposit), a band, a growing committee, big plans... I want to sincerely thank those who were participating with me in that effort. Please come back when we resurface.

I hope that none of you or yours have been impacted by COVID -19 and that you are all practicing ‘social distancing’ to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe. We all need to ‘shelter in place.’

Suffice to say, our multi-class reunion is postponed until further notice.This is a tragic unfolding we are witnessing.
Apart from no one being allowed to gather, I’m sure no one is in the mindset to do any celebrating.

Down the road: We WILL have our multi-class reunion when things return to whatever the ‘new normal’ will be.

ITMT: Send me your email address, home address, cell or land line number, class year and (maiden name at graduation if applicable) to Empehireunion2020@gmail.com to update our database of contacts. Let me know if you want this information kept confidential or if you’re okay with it being shared. We need ‘class coordinators’ who will seek out, rally and organize their class. If you’re ‘in’ please say so.

🌻One cheery and uplifting thing we could effectuate in the throes of all this, is that once compiled, I could do invites to group zoom breakout meetings for you all to connect. I’m sure we will have lots of stories to share.

Love to you all, Kris



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