Mar 23, 2020

Time Out!

We have been bad

God is giving us a timeout

I was very proud of myself for inventing that joke.  

Then my wife told me she had read it to me from the internet.

Is one of the symptoms of Covid-19 forgetfulness?  Or evidence that I have that problem that I can't remember the name of? 

Does Covid make you end sentences in prepositions that Mrs. Duffy and Mrs. Camutz would yell at me for?

I sense that they are looking down at me from on high with a baleful expression.

Is baleful the right word?

I did invent the joke below. I think.

Why Plan When You Can React?
USA Response to Covid-19

The 7 P's of Planning 

Preliminary Prior Planning Prevents Pitiful Poor Performance

Time Out!

We have 
been bad

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