Mar 10, 2020

Mustang Sally Video by David Innes MPHS Jan 66

I have done a few little videos using the iMovie editing app that are kind of fun. I've attached a short music video, "The Mighty Mustangs". It's mostly pix from the 60's and a few mini reunions, served up in video form. I'll send along another video to you that takes the form of a movie promo for one of our 60's films that was called "The Relatives."

The old movies were lost quite a while ago, but there were enough old snapshots taken to do a little tongue-in-cheek promo. Anyway, I hope you get a kick out of them, and you can post them to any appropriate Empehi sites, oh King of Empehi reunion activity!

David Innes

MPHS Jan 1966

Mighty Mighty Mustang Production

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