Mar 19, 2020


Covid-19 Coping Strategy
March 18, 2020 - March 20, 2020
The Corona Virus 19 is changing our lives. 

What We Should Do:
Shelter in Place - Stay at home when possible
Wash our hands for 20+ seconds whenever we have been outside
Avoid the public - keep a social distance of 6 feet from everyone
Minimize trips to public spaces

This Will Be Boring. Ways To Avoid Boredom Include:
Read all the books you have always meant to read
Watch lots of happy movies and TV
Get out and walk, hike, bird watch, commune with nature
Take lots of photos and share them on the internet
Take nice scenic short drives
Visit lots of Forest Preserves and Natural areas
Buy a kayak and paddle it
Call all your old friends 
Make some new friends online 
Learn and use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Connect with People
Write your memoirs, put it on a blog
Write your family history, put it on a blog
Walk around your suburban downtown - keep your distance
Meet friends - stay 6 feet away
Therapeutic use of Wine and/or Weed
Shred old documents
Clean out closets
Convert old music to mp3 format and put it all on a spreadsheet
Create cartoons for Facebook postings
Update your phone/address/email list
Fix all the stuff you set aside to fix
Make casseroles and freeze the extra
Do sudoku puzzles until you are dreaming about them

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