Sep 18, 2018

We Break Coach Warden's New Car Window - Kaboom!!

Allen Carlsen and Craig Hullinger Break Coach Warden’s Window.

Coach Warden was a great guy and a fine coach. He was very patient with the antics of his high school players.

When I was a senior I forgot to bring my jersey for the team photo. The Coach lent his brand new Chevy convertible to Al Carlson and I to drive home to retrieve the jersey.

It was a nice day and Al and I decided to take the top down. What we did not realize was that you had to unzip the rear glass window before you lowered the top.

Bang!! Reat Window broken! We are in deep Kimchee!

We drove to the Mt Greenwood Lutheran Church, found my mother, and borrowed money and her car. Al drove the Chevy to the Chevy dealership to get the window repaired. I drove my mother's car back to school to tell the Coach and face the music.

The Coach as you may remember was a huge guy and very angry. But he did not kill me and for that I am still grateful.

Al got the repaired car back to the coach about 6:00 pm.

The Coach was a calm guy and did not hold it against us. In fact he even rebated some of the money - seems he had previously done the same thing and had torn the fabric which we had replaced.

Craig Hullinger


Coach Warden required Allen to drive Craig home because Coach didn't trust Craig with the car alone (and look what still happened), and Craig had brought the away uniform for a home game, not forgotten it.

Al Carlson

Al Carlson


Thanks for the correction, Al. Last time I will ever borrow the Coaches car with you. I am going to tell the famous Al Carlson Cherry Bomb Story / Grounded For Life Story next.

Craig Hullinger


Coach Bill Warden

Bill Warden Class of 1954

North Central College

Hall of Fame

Induction Class of 2004


Men's Basketball

Bill Warden's talent on the court was so impressive that he was drafted by the Minneapolis Lakers after he graduated.

As a Cardinal, he finished as the record holder for most points in a career (2,249), most points in a season (689), most points in a game (52), most field goal attempts in a season (533), most field goals in a career (847), most field goals in a season (254), most free throws in a career (555),

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