Sep 19, 2018


I am getting more and more forgetful.

Comes with Age

It beats the alternative.

I was admiring a civil war pistol that my friend had mounted in his office. He said I should like it - I gave it to him.

I told him that I had never seen that pistol in my life.

He turned the case around to the back, where my horrible scrawled signature was found.

Oh, well, think on the bright side. I will constantly be meeting new people and I will never hear a boring story repeated. I can just keep posting the same old stories and photos on the blog, and won't know it. Fortunately most of the readers of the blog won't know it either. Those who can still read.

Memory is the fourth thing to go. I can't remember the first three.

What did I forget?
And When Did I Forget it?


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