Nov 18, 2017

Books written by MPHS Alum Bill Rambow

Books written by MPHS Alum Bill Rambow

For the past two weeks, I have been working on book three of the "Philip Lawson Saga" (blame my publisher for the grandiose name, not me!). I was going to hold off on this announcement, but I figure that doing so now will discourage me from quitting again. 

The third and final installment of the trilogy picks Phil Lawson up on the wrong side of the Cambodian border where ROE stranded him. Along with his brother Paul, and brother-in-law Dan, and the crew, they have escaped their North Vietnamese pursuers. He may be out of the jungle, but Phil is not out of the woods yet, as another sort of peril awaits him on the far bank of the river.

But as the title hints, Phil's Army service is but a prologue, left behind after a couple chapters. After his discharge, Phil embarks on a new career and adventure as a 'Sky Marshal' with U.S. Customs in 1970. As with his tour of duty in Vietnam, Phil's experience flying, armed and under-cover, in the 'unfriendly skies' during the heyday of air-piracy will be a lot more exciting than was my own! I am not complaining in either case. For more than that, you'll have to wait for the book! I will keep you posted on my progress.

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