Nov 7, 2016

Draft Day Jim Miller Sr.

Jim Miller Sr.

Forty eight years ago my brother drove me and Tim Portal down to the draft inductions center. here is a list of some of the guys from Mt. Greenwood and H.S. and around the city that also got drafted that day, and spent the next 8 weeks at Ft. Polk LA, John Burke, Lar Downes, Wayne Habel, Bob Hestroffer, Tim McNeff, Russ Miller, Mike Nardi(RIP), Phil Schubitz, Ron Strom(RIP). A few of these guys I have seen or talk to over the years I hope one day find the rest.

And was not an April Fools Joke

From Jim Miller MPHS Facebook page

Jim Miller Sr. Drafted April 1st 1968 and the joke was on me
Deborah Carpenter-Ohse What a handsome guy!!! Hey........I remember this guy !!
Deborah Carpenter-Ohse In fact......u still look the same !!
Laura Schoen Seamans Fine looking man!

Ron Smith What!? Didn't your mom and dad fight the Draft Board? You look only about 15-16 y/o. Thanks for your service!!!!!
Judi Klersy Dehmer Mike was one month from getting drafted and enlisted. Left me on June 23rd, 1969 heading for Ft. Lewis, Wa. Yes, it was a joke as most of you were in Nam within 5 months. A fast lesson in growing up. That was then this is now and glad he got back to the states, the world. Nice pic and Mike and I will see you in a few weeks! And Thank You for your service.
Susan Engle Budash Wasn't this photo taken last week Jim? Ok, last year.
Jean Hoefler What a handsome young man.

Linda Paton So handsome. Thank you for serving.

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