Dec 13, 2015

Roy Coleman MPHS Teacher

Nan Brennan was kind enough to send me this article about Roy Coleman, who may have been the first totally geeky scientist I was ever aware of. He was apparently an excellent teacher. My own Physics class was taught by Mary Ann Johnson, also an interesting character, albeit in
different ways.

Hope everybody is having a lovely holiday season.

Taffy Cannon, June '66
Carlsbad, California -- where it's an altogether pleasant sixty degrees, though still too dry.

Roy Coleman was an excellent teacher.  I was in his class in 1965.  He was very young and interesting and enthused about physics and science.  

A belated thanks, Mr. Coleman.

Craig Hullinger MPHS Jan 66


Mr. Coleman's page:


After our brief discussion I emailed Mr. Coleman and thanked him for teaching us so many years ago. Here is his reply.


Thanks for the note. Sorry for the delay in responding, your message along with several others from MP went to my spam folder and I only clean that about once a month.

That is quite a bunch of photos that are posted.

I believe that the website URL '' and/or '' may be available as I gave them up a couple of years ago after receiving lots of flack from the administration for not posting things that they never told me about

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