Dec 1, 2015

Movin on Up

Funky Foto Friday
House on the Move
When driving home from work one day in 1999 I happened to look to my right as I drove north on Ashland Avenue. What did I just see? It looked like a house coming down the middle of the street. How can this be? Am I hallucinating?
I turned right onto Ogden and then right on the next North-South Street. Parked my car, grabbed my camera and walked to Monroe Street. Yes… There WAS a huge house/mansion in the middle of the Monroe. On a complex arrangement of wheels it was being slowly moved down the middle of the street.

I wandered around this scene taking many photos. There were also news crews there covering this event. When the location of a house is not where you want it to be, I guess if you have the money and resources, you can move your home to a more congenial place. This is what was happening but I still was in awe of the expertise and complexity involved in this venture.

Chuck Kuenneth MPHS Jan 66

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