Sep 29, 2015

School Mascots

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Trivia Today’s Fact of the Day today was that Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn! Guess unicorns must bless Scotland…

~ Jan Madsen Alton


Unicorns, huh? I guess it is just a reflection on who gets to choose.  A community college in our conference, Scottsdale Community College's mascot is the Fighting Artichokes. I had always wondered about where that came from and last week I heard the story.

Back in the 1970s the college didn't even have a library yet, and the board voted to build and expensive athletic complex, and made the mistake of letting the students choose the mascot. Since this was the early days of Political Correctness and student activism, amd the majority of the kids were not athletes, they decided to deliver a message by choosing the Artichoke as their mascot.

And the school colors chosen at the same time? Pink and White. I kid you not.

The colors did get changed later on, but the mascot remains the Artichoke.

How would you like to be the athletic director having to recruit for the Fighting Artichokes?

Will Hepburn


I don't like fighting with artichokes. They can be very prickly! 

My daughter graduated from UC Irvine. Their mascot is Zot, the anteater! A sign at John Wayne Airport says "Welcome to Anteater Country". They aren't native in California (they are native to the hottest parts of South and Central America). Don't know how they came to choose it but the student body likes it just fine. 

Jan Madsen Alton


Prior to August, 1978, I saw Unicorns all the time........ and other things, but yeah....they were regulars in my hallucinations .... Nessie never did show up.... but the Unicorns mentioned her..

Ron Robertson


UC Santa Cruz has the banana slug. 



I thought the Loch Ness Monster was Scotland's national animal.

I won't embarrass myself by telling you how old I was when I learned that unicorns weren't exactly real, but I do remember looking in the dictionary to bolster my position and seeing that

the definition was "a fabulous animal." I thought that made my case...

~Taffy Cannon


It has been determined that with no sightings in several years, believers think Nessie is dead. I have still not finished mourning the loss.

Tom Schildhouse


The mascot of South Dakota State is the Jackrabbit.

Craig Hullinger

And don't forget the Fighting Jackalopes from the University of Southeastern Skaskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. A rare and dangerous breed.

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