Sep 25, 2014

Big Gator in our Pond Today - PONDZILLA!!

Gator in our back yard pond today. Biggest we have seen yet.

Will ask our resident Gator Expert Jim Nesci MPHS Jan 66

to guestimate size.

Click to see the video

Craig Hullinger MPHS Jan 66
Sarasota, Florida


MPHS Gator and Snake expert Jim Nesci MPHS Jan 66 called but said it was too hard to estimate the length of the Gator from the video. He did say that the head is usually about 1/7 of the body length.

I estimate the head to be between one foot to 18 inches long, so I am saying that PONDZILLA  is 7 feet to 10.5 feet long.

Jim said that his Gator Bubba will be in a couple of movies in the near future.  Will let you know when.

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