May 23, 2014

Social Marketing Report

The more, the merrier. Start reading and interacting with our social media and connect with your high school friends.

Our social marketing efforts are planned to increase communication among mid 60's graduates of Morgan Park High School. Our focus is on the 65-66-67 class but we help out other classes as well.

Here is the latest report on our social marketing systems. The usage among our classmates is slowly increasing. The participants are not all our classmates - We let everyone who asks join under the theory that even if they are obviously younger than us they may be joining for a parent or relative.

            372 Friends            
              88 Friends 127 Likes

             127 Members


             237 Members              

               45 Members

             213 Connections

              21 Following   32 Followers

               112 in our Circles;  We are in 33 Circles

                1535 Posts,  75,753 Views
Web Site
                           126 Personal Profiles

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