May 27, 2014

MPHS Baseball Team wins City Championship May 24, 2014

The baseball team won City Championship on Saturday, May 24th.  The State Championship Basketball team had to step out of marching in the Memorial Day Parade because Coach Irvin had to go out of town unexpectedly--so he contacted Coach Radcliffe of the baseball team.  

The pink uniforms were from a recent tournament that recognized breast cancer awareness/survivors/etc.  He asked if the pink was OK for the local parade--I responded with a great YES--we just had the Beverly Breast Cancer Walk on Mother's Day (a BIG local event with monies going to Little Company of Mary's Breast Cancer clinic).  The guys were cheered many times along the route--for both their brand-new championship and their pink with all it carries.

Carol Macola  MPHS Alum and Teacher, Military Veteran


Go, Mustangs.  Way to go, EMPEHI.  Love the Pink Uniforms, MPHS Baseball and Military Vet Craig Hullingre

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