May 25, 2014

Memorial Day

Morgan Park Graduates on the Vietnam Memorial Wall

Morgan Park Alumni 

on the Vietnam Memorial Wall

Our thanks to all of our fallen High School Comrades

Jim Beck

Robert Maurice Cunningham

Larry Dart

Ricky Green

Sgt Holstein

Bruce Huff

Al McNabb

Mills Miller

Warren Muhr

Robert Nawrocki

William Newbold

William Lee Owen Jr

And thanks to all the ones we don't know about:

Click below for more info:

Memorial Day Parade

Steps off at 1030 am from 110th Longwood Drive
Proceeds north to Ridge Park

 More Information call BAPA


(Photos by Gloria Olsen Williams, Warren Smith)

 My father Clif Hullinger and many of his fellow WWII vets from the Smith Village will be riding in the parade  y 

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