Oct 27, 2012

Coach Stepanek and Jim Nesci MPHS 66

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Growing up in Mt. Greenwood in the late fifities and sixties.

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Gail Stepanek
Jim Nesci and Coach

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Glenn N. Klipp       Is that actually joe stepanek?

Gayle Teller    Coach looks good!

Will Hepburn    The coach wouldn't remember me. I was that little greasy spot in the grass after Hugh Lee hit me in 1963 - just before I moved over to the swim team. How old is he these days?

Marika K. LaSorsa   Looking good!

Mimi Williams   You both look good!

Dan Findley    Gotta forward to Roger.

Rosemary Scardina    Coach taught me how to drive; and I still remember him telling me merger doesn't mean stop!

Gail Stepanek    Joe has enjoyed all your comments and you would be surpised at how much he remembers about all of you......yes, even you, Will. LOL

Richard Voris     I was his coffee boy. Gave me a pass and went down to the Coffee shop next to the RR tracks for a large to get out of swimming. (naked.) I'm Irish and next to the bros ,well .you get the idea.Never had to swim. TMI ? LOL

Gail Stepanek   Richard...that wasn't Joe. He never sent anyone out for coffee nor did he give anyone a break from swim class.

Edward Drumm   Was that the pass made out of wood? with the word Pass? and a chain?

Gail Stepanek   Edward...Coach says it never got lost or stolen.

Edward Drumm    That's right. We always put it back, just were we found it:) But we had to pay the price... figure 8's on stairs.

Morgan Park High   Coach Stepanek and Jim Nesci, Looking Good

Jim Miller    Da Coach

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