Jul 20, 2011

Will Hepburn MPHS and Wife

The battleship USS Missouri was the flagship of the US Pacific Fleet, and was the site of the surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay that marked the end of WWII in the Pacific.  Right now, the Missouri is anchored in Pearl Harbor, maintaining a vigil next to the USS Arizona Memorial.  The Missouri's big guns, each barrel weighing more than the space shuttle, have been silent for a long time.

But the USS Missouri was not quiet at all on the evening of July 4th.  My wife Cathleen, and the Angelorum Choir she is part of, was invited to join a big 4th of July celebration on the deck of the USS Missouri.

This world renowned choir from Yavapai College has been together for 13 years and sadly conducted its final performance in the 2500 seat Blaisdell Auditorium in downtown Honolulu.  College budget cuts have brought an end to an era.

It was a great show, great memories, and a fun trip.

I'm sorry, but the only video I have right now is this short promo clip Angelorum did on Honolulu TV.  Cathy is in the front row, center, in case you'd like to watch it.


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