Jul 14, 2011

Jim Nesci MPHS 66 and Critter - Jim is the taller one on the left

Morgan park high school 1965 1966 1967 MPHS Jan empehi morgan park beverly mt greenwood


  1. I remember Jim as a kid a couple of years older than me down the block in Mt. Greenwood. All of us boys were interested in reptiles and insects and so on, but Jim took it quite a bit further. I was always amazed that his parents let him keep all those reptiles down in their basement. He had black widow spiders, too, as I recall. Who would have imagined that he would make a career and a life out of that early passion?

  2. How interesting to see Jim's website and all that he does for reptiles and for humans understanding them! Congratulations! What an interesting life Jim has!