Sep 18, 2010

Pub Crawl - Navy Pier 1:00 pm Saturday September 25, 2010

MPHS Class of 65-66-67
Pub Crawl - Navy Pier
1:00 pm Saturday 
September 25, 2010

Meet at Harry Carry's on Navy Pier 

Outside if the weather is nice, inside if cold or rainy.

Optional - wear a green shirt or blouse or skirt so we can find each other. 

If we fill up Harry Carry's we will spill over into the adjacent Pubs. 

Bring anyone you want, even someone from Brother Rice or Luther South or another class.  

1:00 pm - Meet and Greet and Drink.

2:30 pm - The Virtual Reality Class Bell Rings. Everyone up, and we wander around the Pier, scoping it out for future larger Pub Crawls. 

We will check out other Pubs, and boat ride options for future bigger EMPEHI Pub Crawls. Ferris wheel and shopping and eating when it suits you. 

My cell phone if you are lost or need to be bailed out of jail is 309 634 5557. 

Cost - Nada, Zip. Only costs will be getting to the Pier and what you eat or drink, or if you go on a boat ride. 

You can take CTA to the Pier, or drive and park at the Pier. 

End - Whenever you decide. 

Cutting Class is permitted and encouraged. No detentions will be issued. 

All those who miss this event, 1 virtual reality pushup. (It will be 10 in the future when we give you a longer notice). This is of course not fair, but then life is not fair.

Mini reunions within the reunion. This works best if you line up some of your friends to meet, either during the main part of the reunion, or before for lunch, or after for dinner. Exchange cell phones so you can find each other on the Pier.

Out of town folks - coordinate your hotel and other events with your pals. 

Please forward this to your friends who are not on this list. And network with them to see if you can drive together. See you there.

Navy Pier

Harry Carry's at the Pier

CTA Travel Planning

METRA Travel

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