Sep 14, 2010

First Annual MPHS 60's Pub Crawl Navy Pier Saturday Sep 17, 2011 1:00 pm

May change or be cancelled 
if Big Reunion is held in 2011

MPHS 60's Pub Crawl

Navy Pier - the Third Saturday of Every Year 

Saturday Sep 17, 2011

1:00 pm to ???
Tentative Schedule

1:00 pm-Meet in the Bars on the south side of the Pier

Which ones to be decided.  Tentatively Harry Carry's.  Outside if the whether is nice, inside if cold or rainy. 

If only a few participants, we will stay in this bar until we decide to crawl to the next one.  If there are a lot of folks, we will then rotate to pre selected bars by class year.

Wear a green shirt or blouse or skirt. We will have name tags.

3:00 pm - The Class Bell Rings. Everyone up, mingle on the quay at a location to be determined say near the Ferris Wheel, or inside if cold and rainy.

4:00 pm Optional Boat Ride - time and boat to be determined. Your choice to take the boat or continue Pub Crawl to the pub of your choice. Ferris wheel and shopping and eating when it suits you.

We will provide a number of cell phones if you are lost 309 634 5557.

Cost - Nada, Zip. Only costs will be getting to the Pier and what you eat or drink, or if you go on a boat ride.  You can take CTA to the Pier, or drive and park at the Pier.

End - Whenever you decide

Mini reunions within the reunion. This works best if you line up some of your friends to meet, either during the main part of the reunion, or before for lunch, or after for dinner. Exchange cell phones so you can find each other on the Pier.

Planning Meeting  Saturday September 25, 2010 
everyone who wants to help Plan at Harry Caray's at Navy Pier, 700 East Grand Avenue, Chicago -(312) 527-9700. We will recon the site 
and figure out the Pub Locations, and try to make
sure it will all work.

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