Sep 8, 2010

Annual MPHS 65-66-67 Pub Crawl at Navy Pier ?

What does everyone think about setting up an annual PUB Crawl for our 65-66-67 Classes at Navy Pier?  Same date and time every year. Needs very little planning or effort, and no financial risk. 

We just settle on the day and time, and mark it on our calendars. Low cost and little planning effort. Just put out the word on the Yahoo lists, Facebook pages, and on the blog.

We could try the first one next year. I would propose that it would always be on a fixed date

 Perhaps the: 

Third Saturday of every September.  

Always start at 1:00 pm, peaking at 3:00 pm, and then continuing on into the afternoon and evening.

The location would be on the south side of the Pier and in the outdoor and indoor bars along the south side of the Pier. There is plenty of room and lots of capacity at those locations. The reunion would essentially be a Pub Crawl. You can stay in an outside Pub, or go insiide, or just meander up and down the Pier.

It is also a convenient location to take a boat ride or ride the ferris wheel.

You can also plan a little mini reunion with your close friends on this day.  Contact everyone from your gang and arrange to meet at bar X at 4:00 pm

It also makes it easy for you to bring someone else – say a friend from Brother Rice or a 64 / 68 alumni, who probably would not come to a formal reunion but would come to a PUB Crawl.

I don't think this replaces the every five years or so major reunion. But could be a nice and cheap supplement.

What does everyone think?

Who would like come to such an event?


It sounds like a thought but it would need a central place and time to meet otherwise it might be difficult to find other classmates when they are scattered about. Navy Pier is a huge place.

Ron McComb


But without any organization, how would we recognize each other?

I mean I hardly knew who all the old folks were at the last one.

Will Hepburn

Funny guy, Will -- and yet ALL those "old folks" recognized YOU right away.  We'll just stand you out in the middle of the main entrance to Navy Pier with Joan Pettavino in her letter sweater and Bingo, instant reunion registration desk!

I think some level of organization is required -- a little advance advertising outside of this site, and someone has to monitor the "possible" attendees.  Plus, stick on name tags will be required.  Beyond that, though, I think it's a do-able idea, Craig.

Judy Halligan Willingham '66


Sounds like a good idea, Craig. I think it could work. We may have to wear name tags or some kind of identifier. And, Navy Pier has something for everyone and it's centrally located to go to other venues later in the day/evening. I would attend this.

Dennis Carlson


I would be amenable to this idea. My wife's company does a very expensive thing every other year and the meet up sounds lots cheaper and with little organization. We might even be able to get a meeting spot or sign-in table
near (or in) one of the pubs if we agree on that as a starting point. 

Tom Shildouse ____

Good comments.  This essentially just a PUB Crawl.

We could all wear a green shirt.  We could also wear name tags. Everyone bring their own. Put their original name and class on the tag.

We could set it up so that each class initially meets at a specific bar, say

1:00 to 2:30

June 66 at Harry Carays

Jan 66 at ___

So the six classes would initially start out at a specific place.

Then the virtual reality bell rings, starting our second period:

2:30 to 4:00

Whole School Greet and Meet.

This would mean we would all meet out at the Quay in a specific place - say from the Ferris Wheel to several blocks to the west.

Meander and socialize and meet and greet, sort of like a grand cocktail party.

Then the Bell rings again, starting the 3rd period.

Then 4:00 to 6:00 either have a drink with your old school mates, or with new folks that you have met.

School is out after 6:00. The serious party folks can continue, the rest of us old folks go home or have dinner with old MPHS friends.

This would work best if you line up your old friends to meet. You could arrange to meet them at 1:00 at a specific bar or restaurant, or meet at 5:00 or 6:00 pm for drinks and/or dinner.

Get reconnected with your old palls via email. So if you have one or 20 pals, arrange the meet point and time with them.  Also exchange cell phone numbers so they can find you if things get confused. Which they probably will.

This is much easier deal for those still living in or near Metro Chicago. For those coming from far away, you would want to make sure that your some of your close friends are coming.

Seems to me this works whether 5 people come, or 500.

One of the advantages of this is you and cut class, or come early or late or not at all. You will not be punished. No detentions, minor disciplines, or pushups will be meeted out.

What if we have rainy cold weather.

Mid September in Chicago is usually nice, but it could be cold and rainy. In which case our meet and greet promenade would be inside in the large foyer area and in the restaurants in side. This would still work, but would not be as nice.

Will, your comment about recognizing people?  I think it would be easier outside in the sun.

If we do this, the worst thing that could happen is if only a handful of people come. In which case it is a lot like the Beggar's Pizza group who meet periodically.

Does anyone know the bars and restaurants on the Pier well?  I will be in downtown Chicago in two weeks for a conference, so I could get a better feel for this.

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