Aug 4, 2010

Message at the request of Lois Lemon MPHS 1962

I posted this message at the request of Lois Rodakovitz Lemon MPHS 1962

On Wed, Aug 4, 2010   wrote:

Hi Craig, Kay, Carol, Dave, Susan,

My name is Lois Radakovitz Lemon, and I am a '62 graduate of Empehi.  I am part of our reunion committee and am working on a networking project to get contact people from all of the Morgan Park Graduating classes so that we can use an email chain so to speak to spread the word about the Black Welder Hall Renovation Project.

Our class spear headed the project after visiting the school. We have joined with the R C Antonides Foundation to funnel the money safely and legally.

The foundation's origin is 1950's football players and alum who wanted to give back in memory of a coach who formed their lives.

As the fall semester begins we are continuing our campaign to raise money to replace the 790 seats /$155,000. A mailing /email campaign is about to go out and I was wondering if you Craig, would be the contact person for the 65-67 group and post the information on your site.

I am also looking for the person/people who maintain your class lists and have an active email list. I would like to send you the emails from the renovation committee and ask you to send them to your class lists. I believe this is the most efficient way of personally reaching as many Empehi Alum as possible. With many hands we can get the project done easily. Please join this effort and give back to Empehi. Hank Gentry, class of '66 is part of the Foundation and Renovation Committee.

Are you the people I need to talk to?

I look forward to hearing from you,

"Lois Lemon '62"

Kay F Ward ,,,

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