Aug 3, 2010

Join Facebook - Talk to your High School Friends

We have a new MPHS Fan Page on Facebook named: 

Morgan Park High School Alumni 1965-1967 

To get to this page, log into Facebook and type the name in the search box, in the top center.  

You can read the messages posted and write one if you wish. 

If you have not yet joined Facebook, you can do so by going to:  

Sign up.  It takes a while to get the hang of it, as when you first learned e-mail or word processing. 

I would describe Facebook as E-mails with photos. 

It is also a social networking site.  

You can write to individuals, post messages on your own page, or post messages on other pages. 

You can post your own photos or look at photos placed by your friends. 

When you click on the page:  

Morgan Park High School Alumni 1965-1967, you will see  "like" at the top of the page.  

When you click on "like", you become a member.  

You will then receive posts sent to your personal home page (news feed) on Facebook.  

The link below is a set of instructions for Facebook. 

Of course, I never try to read the instructions.  

I prefer the Million Monkey Method, which is developed from the concept that if a million monkeys worked on something long enough, they would actually succeed.  

Or if one person does something over and over, it might eventually work. 

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