Jan 5, 2019

Vietnam, The Cold War, Iraq, Afghanistan

Vietnam, The Cold War, Iraq, Afghanistan

Discussions among Morgan Park 
High School Alumnae
Chicago, Illinois

Written in 2002-2010, During the War on Terror. 

We were exactly the right age to enjoy participating in or protesting the Vietnam War.  Our parents had survived the depression and World War II.  We got Vietnam, and our children got the War on Terrorism.

The following was extracted from a series of emails produced by our classmates.
We would appreciate the stories of anyone, whether you opposed the war, fought in it, went to Canada, jail, etc. And women please contribute - you did not get drafted, but you also went through tough times.  Or if you know of anyone who had an interesting story, please ask them to email it to: 


or call Craig at 309 634 5557.

Your choice if you want not to be identified in the story - let us know and we will just use your first name. Or use your real name, in case this becomes a best seller.

If you have already contributed, please feel free to update and expand your contribution. Or if you know of someone from MPHS or the “Hood” who had an interesting experience, please let us know how to contact them.

There is an old curse that says "May you live in interesting times".  The late 60's and early 70's were certainly that.

So if you are interested in contributing, please send an email to this blog or email or call me.  


You can also find this and other MPHS sites on the first page of  EMPEHI.com

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