Jul 25, 2017

Stegg's Neighborhood Store 107th and Trumbull

  • Thomas Morgan Not sure if this was posted here. Stegg's
  • Geri O'Neil McCoy Thanks Thomas! Kathleen McCormick Meyer It was at 107th & Trumbull. Siding is where the windows used to be. 106th & Homan was Don's. Memories...
  • Kathleen McCormick Meyer Now I remember!! Thanks Geri!!!!
  • Kathleen McCormick Meyer Geri, are you related to Nancy McCoy---her maiden name
  • Kathleen McCormick Meyer I think I'm brain dead-----I remember this I live on 109th and Trumbull--I thought it was called Arts
  • Geri O'Neil McCoy No relation to Nancy - McCoy is my married name. I haven't been to the old neighborhood in some time, but I thought someone said it is now a residence.
  • Msv Wedell Don's / Pete's was on 107th and Homan now razed. Dregs was 107th and Trumbull. Little corner stores to send the kids to for milk, bread, penny candy! Lived 2nd house from Homan on 108th St across from Mt Greenwood School.
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  • Msv Wedell Stegs
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  • Glenn Pniewski That wonderful building that was great for Stegg's really makes for an ugly house, doesn't it? A recurring dream I have had for the last thirty years has been that someone has finally converted the place back into Steggs, AS IT WAS 
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  • Julie Marschand Does anyone in this group remember the Barber Shop on the Southwest corner of 109th and Kedzie? I lived two doors to the west of the barber shop on 109th street. The old home where my family lived was torn down and subdivided into three lots and 3 newer homes. The family that owned and operated the shop were the Braize family. I remember the two younger kids were Ricky and Jeanie. Anyone know if it's still there?
  • Norman Rick Stegg's & Hogan's were both awesome in their own way!! I spent so much money at each!!! I used to even "rob" my cash register bank by using one of Mom's "bobby pins"---my Dad came close to going to prison for murdering his 8 yo son! 
  • Norman Rick Julie---I used to go to a barber at 110th & Kedzie on the east side called Irv's. He kinda looked like Groucho Marx---he was soooooooooo proud of his new vacuum thingy that he would suck out all the hair from under yer collar, while all of the other barbers were still using a powdered-up brush. His daughter had a crush on me & would come out & just stare at me while Irv was cutting my hair---very uncomfortable for me at the time!  But I can still picture the old barbershop that you are talking about on the sw corner at 109th---never went there, though! 
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  • James Dart Julie Marschand..in the '70's there was a Century 21 office on that corner.
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  • Glenn Pniewski I remember Irv!!!! Yeah, they all lived in the back of that shop 
  • Julie Marschand I just had a really clear memory pop up...the Braize's Barber shop, had one of those twirling candy cane-like totem pole outside his shop. I seem to remember someone telling me why they put those at Barbershops but there are too many cobwebs upstairs in my brain to shake that loose too, I'm doin good just remembering that.
  • Thomas Morgan Norman Rick I also got my hair cut at Mr. Irv's. I think Tow-Head, aka Toe-Head Schwab got the last haircut when Mr' Irv died while cutting his hair. I'll have to verify that story. I know some of the stories get a bit exaggerated. Glenn, you're right, they did live in the back. I think the daughter may have went to Mother Macs with my sister Rita, graduated St C in 64
  • Julie Marschand Thanks, guys for the info. I'm probably too old for you all to remember back that far! I graduated from EMPEHI in '67.
  • Tim Saterfield I knew Rich Braize back in the day, played some music with him, he played bass guitar as I recall. Good guy.
  • Norman Rick Julie---if memory serves me correctly, back in the 1800's, the town barber was also the town doctor & that swirling candy cane striped pole was some sort of symbol representing that fact. I know that on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (TV Show), before she came to CO Spgs., Jake the barber took care of all "doctoring" before Dr. Mike arrived.
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  • Norman Rick Julie---omg---you are sooooooooooooooooooo old---compared to you (dinosaur) I am just a mere lad---of course, I did graduate from Marist in 1967, but I was a child prodigy & graduated 3 mos. before my 18th b'day (9-15-49.) I sure am glad I ain't as old as you! HAHAHAHA!!! I had many friends in your class---my 1st real girlfriend ever was Mary Agnes Clancy. And I thought that Jackie Hazelid (Hazelip??) was the cutest thing since little puppies. Was good friends with Willie Guntorius & Don Matyus. Knew Ralph Buss & a whole bunch more---Don Eppley was an awesome friend of mine. And any kid from SC who went to MPHS....................
  • John Wason Fact: Irv was Irving Levy. His daughter was named Ronna Levy, Morgan Park class of 1967.
  • John Wason Fact: In the early days of medicine, it was thought that bloodletting would cure all sorts of illnesses. The barber was the town bloodletter. The red and white stripes on the barber pole symbolize bloody bandages wrapped around the pole.

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  • Tom Greaney Very Interesting John=but I think I'll take my bloodletting self to sleep.
  • John Wason Oh, you're a barber, Tom?
  • Tom Greaney No the only hair I cut was my nephews when they were young.

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