Jul 28, 2017

Photos From Scott Brissey

Here are the photographs of the classes at Elizabeth B. Sutherland Grammar school.

This is the list of names of the Graduate Class from the copy printed in the Beverly Review:

Front row,left-right: Barb Schultz, Kathleen O'Brien, Janice Bonaguro, Susan Long, Jill Durham, April Lais, and Jane Mulder.

Second row: Scott Brissey, Cynthia Stark, Robert Hoffman, Lynn Carlson, Terry

Lason, Janet Zinsmiester, Dave Innes,, and Joan VanDahm.

3rd row: Wayne Fern, Corliss Briggs, Lawrence Reynolds, John Pihl, John Harshnek, Dick Smith, Steve Staphanos, Pat Ruhling, and Roy Spalding.
This is a partial list for the 7A-7B class:

Front row: Terry Lason, Al Engelberg, Bob Hoffman, Dave Innes, Scott Brissey.

Second row: Jill Durham, Kathleen O'Brien, Janice Bonogruro, Sue Long, April Lais,
Joan Van Dahm, Pam Wells, Barb Schultz.

Third row: Steve Staphos, ?, -- Goldburg, Larry Reynolds, John Pihl, Dick Smith,,

Wayne Fern, Roy Spaulding Dave Finkel, Cynthia Stark, Margot Nelson.
Fourth row:Jay Schalson (?), Bob Gibson, Bob Harschnek, Kimberly Young, Corliss Briggs, Pat Ruhling, Lynn Carlson, Jayne Mulder, Jan Zinsmiester.

These photos show why I have been reluctant to go to Reunions. Today, any good school counselor would take one look at me and think: "RITALIN",

And they would be right.

The Clissord Class photo may not have anyone from our class because I was held back in 4th grade.


Scott Brissey

Sutherland 1960 submitted by Scott Brissey. 

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