Aug 14, 2016

Congratulations to Sandy Schuessler Wright MPHS Jan 66

Congratulations to Sandy Schuessler Wright MPHS Jan 66

Loretta Majoy Way to go Sandy !! It is beautiful.
Craig Harlan Hullinger Very nice. Congratulations., Well earned
Mike Bur Congratulations ! I'll reiterate what Chip penned. "well deserved" !
Kay Gilbert Wonderful. Wow.
Laura Francoeur Well deserved. Nice to see you again too!
John Weller "Well deserved" is repeated for a reason. It was a privilege to learn from you and with you Sandy...., Co-founder (with the incomparable Dr. Richard Dolbeer) of the "Doing it Wright" award.
Lisa Brohl Comgratulations Sandy!!
Michael Plankis Congratulations 🌠🌋🚁
Sandra E Wright I did not expect such an outpouring of wonderful comments from everyone. Thank you!
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Sue Wiggins It's wonderful your years of work and dedication are appreciated and recognized.
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Louise Angelo Congratulations!
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Congratulations to our own Sandy Schuessler Wright MPHS Jan 66 who recently received the award above for her work for aviation safety.
The reason Sandy Schuessler Wright MPHS Jan 66 tracks plane/animal strikes is to better understand how they happen and so that policies and procedures can be developed to minimize strikes.

She helped eliminate a large potential problem.  A very large airport is planned south of Chicago near the Villages of Peotone, Beecher, University Park, and Monee.  Initial plans for the airport called for a very large wetland at the eastern end of the runway.

I discussed this with Sandy.  She told me that was crazy since wetlands attract large waterbirds.  I discussed this issue with the consultants and they changed the design- no wetlands near the airport. I prepared the plan below - it shows the wetland mitigation area east of the  south runways.  This was moved from later plans as a result of Sandy's critique

The miracle on the Hudson is an excellent example of this problem.  Captain Sullenberger (Sully) was flying the aircraft when large geese were ingested in both engines.  No power. He made a remarkably safe landing on the Hudson River - videos below.

My cousin in Rapid City, South Dakota was on Skype with her brother in Tokyo, both of them looking at each other on their laptops. A friend called my cousin in Tokyo, and he put all three of them on a Skype conference call.

The gentleman in New York saw the plane flying lot over the Hudson. He turned his laptop around and all three of them saw the remarkable landing and rescue live on their laptops.

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