Apr 6, 2015

Social Marketing Report

Our social marketing program is an effort to increase communication among mid 60's graduates of Morgan Park High School. Our focus is on the 65-66-67 class but we help out other classes as well.

Here is the latest report on our social marketing systems.

October 2013 compared to March 2015 in Red


Pleasant Conversations

237 Members     238 Members

Political Discussions

45 Members    45 Members

LinkedIn   linkedin.com/in/morganparkhigh

198 Connections   245 Connections

       118 Likes    144 Likes

         285 Friends      671 Friends*

*Many Facebook Friends are from other classes - At first I thought it was mostly children or grand children signing up for our classmates.  But now I think all alumni are signing up to our page.  That is ok.

Blog    empehi.com 

                    50,123 Hits    115,011 Hits

                    1,008 Posts    1,844 Posts  

820 Pins, 53 Followers

Google+    plus.google.com/+MorganPark/posts

                     17 in Circles       132 in Circles

Twitter   twitter.com/morganparkhigh
                 26 Followers       52 Followers

Email - We have 600+ emails of our classmates. We lose people as they retire and change emails.  morganparkhigh@gmail.com 

We have numerous other blogs and our Web Site.  Addresses are in the left column of the Blog and on our Web Site.

Morgan Park High
Mid 1960 Classes - Chicago, Illinois
312 857 6764

Please let us know if you change your email:

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