Aug 9, 2013

Sandy Weiss (DeNucci)

I am so sad to report that Sandy Weiss (DeNucci) from theClass of 1966 passed away on July 26th after suffering a heart attack 18 hours earlier. Sandy was a wonderful, well respected nurse whose daughter Amy lives in Australia. Sandy and her husband Dave lived in Texas. I know many of you enjoyed seeing them at the reunion one year ago this week...who could have imagined that was the last time we would have that pleasure? 

Judy Halligan Willingham '66

Photos on Sandy's Facebook page

We are very sorry to hear of the passing of Sandy. She was a great and loyal member of the class of Jan 66.

Sandy second from left at the Jan 66 mini reunion in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2011.

Sandy Schuessler, Sandy Weiss

Sandy Weiss, Sandy Schuessler, Sue Wiggins, Craig Hullinger

From Left to Right  Don Martensen, Pete Terry, Sandy Weiss, Bonnie Hammar, Randy Lam, Barb Schultz, Peter or Paul of Peter, Paul, and Mary, Renee Toppin, Craig Hullinger, Sandy Schuessler  
at a Peter, Paul, and Mary concert at Ravinia.  

I was deeply saddened to hear of Sandy's sudden passing.  We have lost a sweet member of our Empehi family.  Over the years it has been a blessing to have seen her at the reunions and catch up with the joys in her life. Please email me the family address so I can send one of those old fashioned things called cards.!

Hope you are doing well and let's not wait too long before the next gathering. Time is passing fast.


Barbara and Jim Rees


I was so shocked to see Dave's message on Facebook saying that Sandy had passed away. Ron and I attended the memorial service for Sandy yesterday, Thursday, August 8th. How sad for everyone, but especially Dave, her children and other family members. A sweet and caring person left us much too soon.

April Lais Wolf

Very sad indeed. Not only one of our January '66 classmates but one of our mini-reunion pals. 65 is too young.

John Meeks 

Sandy was a great person and attended most of our reunions. She was planning our next mini reunion in Texas.  She left us far too soon.

Craig Hullinger

What a shock! Sandy was always such a vibrant person, outgoing, upbeat. It's hard to believe she's gone. We used to walk to school together. She spent at least one weekend at my parents cottage in Michigan. Every time I saw her at the reunions, it was like no time had passed. It's sad to know she won't be attending any more. 

Sue Wiggins 

I had spoken to Sandy about her condition in 2011 at Santa Fe. She had the stroke but was taking medication and I guess it just did not work this time.

She appeared to me the last person you would suspect of having a stroke and did seem to have recovered just about 100 %. And she was nurse too so obviously she knew how to take care of herself.

Al Linsenmeyer


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