Aug 8, 2013

Bonnie Hammar

Bonnie Hammar

Bonnie is fourth from the Left at the Peter Paul and Mary Concert in 1992

Rest in Peace, Bonnie

The delightful picture above is a reminder of a great time at Ravinia and sharing a personal moment with Peter, Paul and Mary. May Mary also rest in peace, as she and Bonnie are now sharing sweet songs together in heaven.

Barbara Schultz Reese

Bonnie and I were locker partners all through high school. During the Peter Paul and Mary phase she bought a guitar and became quite good at playing it. When we drove to my cottage in Michigan she’d entertain my mom and me with her songs.  

Sandy Schuessler, Bonnie and I formed a club and our “code names” were taken from cartoon characters on tv. - no I won’t tell you what they were but Sandy and I still use them.  I remember Bonnie’s wit and sense of humor. We lost touch somewhere after college until one day shortly before our Ravinia reunion she called me. She was just as funny then as she was in high school. She had me howling with her stories of what she and her husband went through getting their new property move in ready for them and their two horses.  She was an avid horse back rider and competed in dressage and jumping competitions.  

Bonnie was also head of the special education department of her school. She held that post many years until cancer caught up to her. I went to visit her shortly before she died. She still had the same sense of humor and she still had me laughing.    

Sue Wiggins

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