May 10, 2013

Social Media Report

The following is the report of our Morgan Park High Social Media Usage as of May 10, 2013  Blog  40,372 Hits  Web Site 24,923 Hits   237 Members   45 members   75 Friends, 115 Likes  224 Friends  190 Connections   17 Followers

Google+     53 in  MPHS Circle

email  673 Emails+-

If all this confuses you, welcome to our club. We are able to get confused at computer speed.  Makes us pull our hair out.

The numbers are slightly overstated. Some people have signed up with more then one email address, and we have some people from different classes, which is OK. We let everyone sign on - people have changed their names, or they are signing in for their parent, grand parent, or great grand parent who were members of our classes.

We are always looking for photos or stories, or if you are a
good Facebook user, please join and post interesting stories and photos to our Facebook page. And we really don't understand Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. So if someone is good with any of those please volunteer to help out.

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