Apr 11, 2012

EMPEHI Pizza Lovers,

Hi EMPEHI Pizza Lovers,

Just a friendly reminder that this coming Friday, April 13th at 7:00PM there is a Pizza Night at Palermo's on 95th Street, 1 block west of Cicero in Oak Lawn. We have a reservation in my name and there is still plenty of room for more people to attend. There have been 12 of us who have responded so far. If you do decide to attend, please drop me an e-mail so I can adjust the number on the reservation.

If you haven't eaten at Palermo's before, you're in for a nice surprise, as they have very good pizza as well as a full Italian menu. It may not be as tasty as Beggar's (in my opinion, that is), but, it's a very close second.

So, hope to see a bunch of you there for an evening of great food, great fellowship and great (??) jokes & stories.

Dennis Carlson, Class of ' 67

"Dennis Carlson" <akacharts@aol.com> 

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