Apr 21, 2012

Airplane and Animal Strikes

Sandy Schuessler Wright (MPHS Jan 66) has a very interesting job. She tracks animal strikes on airplanes for the FAA.  They collect the data and try to come up with policies and procedures to reduce crashes from these causes.

There were several strikes recently.


The link below is a great simulation and the actual voices of the pilots and controllers who landed on the Hudson River after a bird strike.



Interesting side note.  My cousin in South Dakota was talking to her brother in Japan on Skype, so they were both watching each other on the screens of their laptops.  A friend of my cousin in Japan called him on Skype, so he put the three of them on a conference call on Skype. The friend was in New York overlooking the Hudson River.  He spotted the plane flying down the Hudson and turned his laptop around so my cousins could watch. So my cousin in South Dakota watched the landing live via Japan.

The world is getting smaller.

Craig Hullinger

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