Dec 19, 2011


I just wanted to add a round of applause to Taffy Cannon, Susan Budash, Will Hepburn, Judy Halligan Willingham, Craig Hullinger, Mirjana Sampros, Dennis Carlson, David Noren... may he rest in peace and who is missed), Barb Wilcox, Linda Larson (Tinsel Town Tattler) and others whom I'm not aware of who have worked so hard to establish events and social connections between our alumni. We owe our friendship connections to you for all of the hard work, diligence and friendliness you workers have volunteered to do. 

Thank you so much and I just wanted to express deep appreciation for your giving attitudes and sweat equity you all have contributed. Thank you. All of you have done a fabulous job. Please forgive me for anyone's name that was left out.

Julie Marschand

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