Jul 26, 2022

Navy P-3


Navy P-3
Craig. This is the P-3 4 engine turboprop that I flew in that plane you showed was a 2 engine Electra. They were awesome and could do more than people knew.

The was the plane that Bob Glines (MPHS Jan 66 flew in the Navy).  It is a long range subchaser.  Bob, would you care to share some stories about your experiences with the plane?

Wing span: 100 feet
Length: 117 feet
Height: 34 feet
Weight: maximum takeoff: 142,000 pounds
Speed: maximum: 473 mph
cruise: 377 mph
Ceiling: 28,300 feet
Range: maximum mission radius: 2,380 nautical miles
3 hours on station at 1,500 feet: 1,346 nautical miles
Power plant: four Allison T56-A-14 turboprop engines
Crew: 10
Contractor: Lockheed

The Naval Air Station at Glenview, IL had two Squadrons of P-3's.  I was newly single in 1982, with time on my hands, but no money.  I was in the Marine Reserves at Glenview. I would go over to the two Squadrons on friday and look to see where they were going.  They were Reserve Squadrons so they would typically fly out on friday, and back on Sunday. I took long weekends at Whidbey Island, Washington, Moffett Field (San Francisco), and North Island, CA.

Craig Hullinger

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