Feb 26, 2022

Fire the 106!


Pete Terry fired his trusty 106 mm Recoiless Rifle in Europe.  This beast is called a recoilless rifle because it is open in the back. When you fire it it creates an enormous backblast, but the rifle does not recoil. If you are behind the rifle you may be killed from the backblast. Don't be behind the rifle!

To destroy a tank with this monster you had to first get the range to the target by firing the .50 caliber rifle on top of the recoiless rifle.  Of course when the round hit the tank the tank crew was working frantically to shoot the recoiless rifle crew first. And the tank was heavily armored.

It is not good to be in a fire fight when the other guy has a tank.

Pete is incensed about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Everyone is.  But Pete can do something about it. He can volunteer to help the Ukrainians duke it out with Russian tanks. They need help, and Pete can provide it.

The Marine Corps being the Marine Corps did not want just one 106 rifle, so we mounted 6 on an Ontos, which is a Greek word meaning "The Thing."

Click to view a video.

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