Jan 4, 2022

Pete Mathis Rest in Peace

Pete Mathis class June '67 passed away Sunday January 2nd in Michigan City, Indiana. (posted on Facebook by Pete's lifelong friend, Jim Dart)

I never knew Pete very well at MPHS, but he was the sort of good guy I always associated with the best of the Midwest: kind, caring, entertaining, reliable.

All these characteristics factored into the way he helped the Cannon family at Christmas 2008. My younger brother had brain damage, a ticket to San Diego, and no way to get from West Chicago to O'Hare. Pete offered to take him and pick him up on his return. Pete lived in South Bend.

On the designated travel day, Pete left South Bend in a major snowstorm. I was going to say at oh-dark-thirty, but in a major snowstorm that isn't even a factor. (I moved away, but I remember!) In any case, he eventually got to my brother's house in West Chicago and they made it to O'Hare just as the plane was taking off.

Pete got the relevant info, booked him on a flight out of Midway, then called me before putting it on his own credit card. My brother arrived at midnight on Christmas Eve on the last flight out of Chicago Midway.

And then Pete did it again in reverse, picking him up at the airport and taking him home to West Chicago.

Pete had never met my brother before their airport adventure. Bless him, and Godspeed.

Taffy Cannon, June '66
Carlsbad, California


So sorry to hear about Pete

Ron McComb


What a wonderful story and so kind of you to share. Passing on those memories is so right to do for him and his family.

Ron Veenstra


Sorry to hear it. And a wonderful story, Taffy. Pete was a very generous man.

Craig Hullinger

Peter was an Eagle Scout who as a counselor at Bass Lake Camp taught a number of Scouts how to swim. Peter is in the top row second from the left. Many troop members have fond memories of Peter. My condolences.

John G. Huff

Pete -- you were interesting and thoughtful with an offbeat sense of humor. I'm sorry we lost touch a while back, but I hope you will locate George Carlin up in heaven and thank him for both of us. Rest in peace, old friend. Judy Halligan Willingham, Morgan Park High School Class of 1966

Judy Willingham


Comments from our Facebook Page

Dennis Dempsey
Pete was one of my best friends at Sutherland and Church of the Mediator - taught me a lot of things 11 &12 year old boys should not know yet. Where did the years go my friend? Rest in eternal peace.

Hank Gentry
Dennis Dempsey yes I remembered that about Pete from scouts. Knowing stuff we shouldn’t have known.

Hank Gentry Hey Hank - how are you? It probably been how many years since we communicated? I still remember you stealing Jeannie Graver from me in 1964!

Ron McNeill
Pete was my best man for my wedding. As others have said where did the time go.
Thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

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