Dec 8, 2020

The Rules


The Roman Goddess of Justice is often portrayed as blindfolded with the scales of justice and a sword.  The blindfolded Lady Justice represents a theory in law: blind justice.

Blind Justice is a theory the law should be determined guilty or not guilty with an open mind and without any bias or prejudice. The Supreme Court motto is “Equal Justice Under Law”. 

We will try to be fair.  We have set up numerous social media accounts for Morgan Park Alumnae with a focus on the mid-1960's classes, although we welcome alumnae from other years. We have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Blogs.

The Rules for all these sites is no politics, race baiting, crude jokes, or solicitation of funds.  Most of our alumnae comply.

When we become aware of a post that violates the above we take it down and ask the person who posted it to go and sin no more. If we get frequent violations from the same person we will excommunicate them from the site.

We set these sites up but do not monitor them closely - in fact I seldom look at my own Facebook Site.  If someone would like to take over the moderation of the sites I would be glad to hand it off. We usually don't get volunteers for this.

In the meantime if you see a violation email Craig Hullinger MPHS Jan 66 at

If a site becomes to problematic we will simply close it down. I would rather not do that because many people do enjoy the sites.


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