Jan 17, 2018

Our Castle

Our Castle



The Givens Castle was built in 1886.

It was built by Robert G. Givens, an American businessman who worked as a real estate promoter and a novelist, to impress his fiance. There are several different tales about the design of the building, some saying that it was a replica of her family castle, some that it was a sketch he drew of an existing ivy castle in his native Ireland. Unconfirmed stories say that the bride died before she had the chance to live in the castle.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I love the castle and the ghost story. I attended several functions there and think I saw the light once through the windows, too! I'm so glad it was not torn down and that Beverly has such a wonderful landmark.

Here is a shot of the Givens Castle that was taken around 1955.  It shows the side 'portico' porch that existed until around the early 70's.  

As you may or may not know, this was my home... at least the top two floors were from 1951 until 1965 when we moved to Oaklawn. It's a long story how we ended up in that magnificent place, a life changer for sure. Anyway, this is kind of a rare shot from 103rd. St.

BTW:  the 1889 photo on the blog shows the little limestone bridge, path, and fountain that was still in place in the 50's between the Castle and Barb Cuttle Wilcox house next door to the north on Longwood.

Tony Visser - Sutherland 1/63  


    Our Castle.  How cool is that?  Each your heart out, other schools and neighborhoods.

    103rd and Longwood Drive

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