Jun 9, 2017

Zero to Forty

Zero to forty is a measure used to indicate how fast a car can accelerate. But it is also a pretty good estimate of how many years we have left to live.  We could have zero minutes left to live, or forty years, living to a ripe old age.

Social security publishes tables on life expectancy. The table below shows on average how long you will live.  A 70 year old male has 14.24 years left, on average, while a 70 year old woman has 16.43 years.

Call it 15 years left, on average +-. Close enough for government work.  Make the most of it. Do a little good, have a little fun. Do all the things you want to do. Don't worry, be happy. Get right with your relatives and friends. Live long and prosper.

The link below takes you to the table.


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