Oct 14, 2016

Lions Within Two Feet of Our Open Jeep - And Us!

A pride of lions walked by both sides of our open vehicle.  Made me nervous.  Everyone told me that they would ignore us - but what if we ran into a lion who did not read the memo?

I would have preferred a gun, but no guns allowed in South Africa.  I wanted to bring a knife but we heard horror stories about big fines for bringing in a knife.

So in the end I purchased a large phillips head screwdriver.  It was hard to take photos and videos while holding the screwdriver.

I startled one lion when I moved to take a photo - she and I locked eyes. But she went on about her hunt.

My wife and Vicki also locked eyes - a bit disconcerting.

For the record, no lions attacked - probably because of my screwdriver.

Click to see videos

Oct 14, 2016

Craig Hullinger MPHS Jan 66

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