May 25, 2016

Fifty Years Later

Fifty Years Later

Three weeks ago four of us Morgan Park High alumni got together and took a trip to our old stamping grounds. John Meeks, Carl Walesa, Dave Innes and I drove around the Morgan Park, Beverly and Mt. Greenwood areas. Needless to say we drove past Morgan Park High School, but also we visited the homes we lived in and the different grammar schools we attended. Carl had a little difficulty finding his grammar school, Mt. Greenwood School. In the attached photo, Dave is taking John’s picture in front of the house John used to live in.

Well, after all these home and school visits, needless to say, we were a bit hungry. So where did we go? Jansons Drive-In, at 99th and Western. Yes they were still open, and doing quite well. In fact a film crew from WGN was there video taping a segment for a food show segment. And “YES”, you can see us in two or three shots. Click on this link:

All in all it was quite a nostalgic day. The four of us told endless tales of our high school days. It was sweet.

In front of Janson's at 99th and Western April 26, 2016

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