May 25, 2015

Memorial Day - EMPEHI Heroes

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country's armed forces.

Morgan Park Alumni 

on the Vietnam Memorial Wall

Our thanks to all of our fallen High School Comrades

Jim Beck

Robert Maurice Cunningham

Larry Dart

Anthony John Grasso

Ricky Greene

Sgt Holstein

Bruce Huff

Al McNabb

Mills Miller

Warren Muhr

Robert Nawrocki

William Newbold

William Lee Owen Jr

And thanks to all the ones we don't know about:

NameBirth DateDate of Casualty:AgeBranch
Jim Beck5/19/19475/14/196820Army
Robert Maurice Cunningham11/8/19504/18/196918Marines
Larry Dart5/26/194511/7/196924Army
Anthony John Grasso3/8/19468/28/196721Navy
Richard Henry Greene3/18/194811/19/196820Marines
Sgt Holstein (ROTC Sgt)7/10/193012/29/196636Army
Bruce Huff2/20/19445/6/196824Army
Al McNabb12/19/19482/2/196819Marines
Mills Miller12/5/19463/16/196720Marines
Warren Muhr1/21/19462/26/196721Army
Robert Nawrocki3/30/19481/24/196819Marines
William Newbold8/15/19483/17/197122Army
William Lee Owen Jr11/17/19444/11/196924Army

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