Nov 29, 2014

Ok Guys.....who all got a letter that said you've been drafted?

From the Facebook Page  "The South Side of Chicago"

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  • George Mulcahy This is an order for a pre induction physical. You got your classification and if physically fit got your draft notice.
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  • Karen Marie Oh..It looked scarey to me George Thought it was the real deal.
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  • Marty Greene I got that one, and went to the physical. Found to be 1A, but I was lucky enough to join the USAF before the next letter came.
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  • Larry Bougher Recieved my draft notice during my third week
    Of basic at fort Polk
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  • Bob Gas Interesting how the time to report was 7:58 am.
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  • Marty Greene Yes, Larry Bougher , it seemed that if you were doomed to go, one would be better off joining than being drafted. BTW, saw a story where the Army's LAST draftee still on active duty just retired with 41 years service!
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  • Tom Rakowski 758 a,m,? Wished when I got mine, it was that late in the day..
  • Damian Warshall I thought the letter opened 'Greetings'

    1A for a 9 months and pulled 318 in the first lottery
    ...See More
  • Donandjan Morris-La Brie I got one the second week of Air Force Basic Training. One month after I registered. That was November 11, 1964. I was rated 1A, so,I presented to my TI (the AF equivalent of Drill Instructor), and he asked me if I wanted out of the AF, and into the Army. 24 years later I was a retired USAF vet.
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  • Joe Lorello 7:58 AM! Back when court houses and Gov Workers actually worked! Lol!
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  • John Iwaszkiewicz 1A.........then Kissinger said "peace is at hand"
  • Marty N DuAnne Chavez I didn't but wish I would
  • George Mulcahy First step was to register for the draft within 5 days of your 18 thnBirthday. You at 18 were then considered old enough to be drafted but you couldn't legally buy a beer in 1961
  • Harry Doyle I took my physical and drafted the same day.
  • Mike Klimek I got drafted in Sept 72 My number was 87!
  • John Ries do u mean the one from the penguins?????
  • Pete Galati i was nailed on my 18th birthday, 1967
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  • Greg Gelatka I am...
    Greg Gelatka's photo.
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  • Greg Gelatka The begining of a long strange trip.
    Greg Gelatka's photo.
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  • Judy Link Rackouski Happy Birthday Greg Gelatka! Have a great day my friend.
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  • Pete Bausys I don't remember if we had to be there at 7:58 AM but I do remember them telling us to be at the Harvey IC station by 3:30 AM. Once we got there, we found out that we were supposed to be on the 6:30 train. That morning I learned what hurry up and wait meant.
  • Daniel Zajac Still have mine. I had to be at Van Buren Street induction center at 6:30-7-00 a.m. I believe. Was there all day until bus ride to O'Hare than Fort Campbell for basic. First time ever on a plane. Wasn't a happy soul, but somehow lived through a rewarding 2 years safe.
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  • Cindy Patterson-Malinowski And a HUGE THANKYOU to each of you who recieved one and reported and did your duty to protect our country. I can recall many returning back to my neighborhood, after serving in Viet Nam war. Went in long haired optimistic hippies, came home battle scarred and changed. But heroes in my eyes!
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  • Greg Gelatka All gave some, some gave all.
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  • Thomas Vincent O'Connor April 5, 1951, 6:30 a.m. at 615 West Van Buren.. A physical and then a bus trip to Fort Sheridan. Stayed there a few days and then on a train to Fort Leonard, Missouri for 16 weeks of basic training
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  • Mike Klimek I will never forget going into the Army,one day in chicago next at Fort Polk ,yes what a strange trip!
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  • Steven Schilling Naw I enlisted ! One day in Chicago, next month San Diego ! 
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  • Craig Harlan Hullinger I got drafted. But I had already signed up to be a Marine. I asked the Marine recruiter what to do? He said ignore it. So I did.
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  • David Nagel The day of the physical you walked around in your skivvies and shoes in a that big old barn of a building on Van Buren and Canal with about 500+ guys. Oh yea they gave you a little paper bag for your personal belongings a the key-tag for you clothes basket. "OK drop your drawers, bend over, Grab your checks and crack a SMILE" was my favorite.
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  • David Nagel Believe it or not found my Draft Card cleaning out a desk the other day. They told us we had to carry it with us at all times?????
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  • Tom Brandner I was on active duty with the Army when I got this letter. My commanding officer took the letter from me and said that he would take care of it.
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  • Daniel Zajac Had to give up draft card when inducted, believe it or not, got the exact same card back when I was discharged. Still have it.
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  • Daniel L. Siemeck Was in college at SIU. Hadn't kept enough hours due to having to work. I got the letter, then enlisted for the career of my choice and ultimately when on to become an officer. Did a tour in Vietnam and still have two arms and two legs.
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  • Jerry Scherwin I joined., why wait.

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