Nov 6, 2012

Morgan Park, Mt. Greenwood

Morgan Park is a veritable treasure trove of historic and architecturally significant homes. Designs by Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as those of his pupil, Walter Burley Griffin, are well represented here. Mount Greenwood, named after an area cemetery, is home to the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, which is located on the site of Chicago’s last remaining farm. 

Home of the South Side Irish 

Written by Alan Solomon, with research assistance from the Chicago Neighborhood Tourism Project.

There's no missing the Irishness here. 

There are the Irish pubs in Morgan Park. There are Irish pubs next door in Mount Greenwood and shamrocks on shop signs all over 111th Street, the main drag. 

It isn't all about pubs and Irishmen here. In fact, Morgan Park is about two-thirds African American. 

But when Chicagoans go on about the South Side Irish, and they do, they're largely talking about folks of that persuasion from Beverly and these communities, a proportion of whom are known to gather from time to time (in particular, on March 17, with or without a parade) to celebrate their common lineage, or any suitable occasion, in a refreshing manner. 

And what's the difference between South Side Irish and North Side Irish? 

"We're White Sox fans," says Carol Flynn, staffer at the Ridge Historical Society in Beverly.

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