Aug 5, 2012

Comments on the Reunion

Sandy Schuessler Wright, Susan Engle Budash, Sandy Weisse
Had the best time this time at the Reunion. Raffles, (even if I didn't win the damn bracelet!!!)and memorabilia helpd a lot! Video was great...thanks Jan.

I would like to volunteer for the 50th committee, even though I live in L.A.

Also, is there a list of people who attended with emails? It would be great to keep in touch with people!

Congratulations again to all of you!



Charles Horne

Sitting here thinking of all my MPHS associates and the good time they are having this evening (with Karen Holck Ketterman) and another evening of fun coming up Saturday. All while I sit here finishing my portion of a paper on Adult Literacy and Literacy Programs and preparing a power point to present next Wednesday evening. :(..:( It crushes me not to be there but not matter what I did with my schedule and finances I could not make it happen. 

Maybe we will have a 50th one, God willing or for those in Florida a mini-union sometime. (Like taking a 3 day cruise!!!!!). It has been a joy following all the plans and various conversations these past few months. Happy to meet others and sad to learn of so many that have passed. Judy Halligan Willingham has done a great job. I will be thinking of you all tomorrow while I am meeting with my group and prepping our presentation!! GOD BLESS you all!!!!

SEND ME PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lorraine O'Malley

Big congrats to all the hard workers, and best wishes to all Empehi classmates, '65 or otherwise. Have a great time!

Thank you / thank you

Great time! Enjoyed both nights and seeing everyone. Thanks to the committee for all the hard work and time putting this weekend together. Very much appreciated!!!!

Nice to take a walk down memory lane and see that none of us have changed since our days at Morgan Park:-)

Ray Justinic ( Jan 1966)


My sentiments, to the letter. We all are looking and doing pretty well.

Thanx for all work that went into this great event.

Tom Schildhouse



Ron McComb


Re: Thank you / Thank you

Even though I was only able to attend on Friday, my thanks also go out to the committee that worked so hard to make this happen. It's just GREAT to be able to see everyone again. Oh, and thanks also for passing out those rose-colored glasses before we walked in the doors. As you can tell from the comments already received, they worked. We all look EXACTLY THE

SAME!!!!!! LOL

Joan Pettavino '66

We spend precious hours fearing the inevitable. It would be wise to use that time adoring our families, cherishing our friends and living our lives! Maya Angelou


Thanks to everyone who worked on the Reunion and who attended the Reunion. It was great seeing everyone.

Craig Hullinger


I'd like to add my thanks to the planning committee.  I had a blast.  So good to see old friends and put faces to new ones.  Can't wait for the 50th!!!!

Gaye Marcus from PA


Just arrived home to MN from Chicago 45 minutes ago. Had a great time visiting everyone on Friday night and visiting with all of my family at Mom's home. I think I missed seeing a lot of people I knew - I now realize I should have mingled more. My brother spoke with a lot of people that I did not even know were there. See you at our 50th Lord willing!

Thank you / thank you

Anita Price


Thanks for posting the pix.....looks like y'all had a great time. Hangin' out in Taos 'til Thursday.....hope to make the next one.....

Ron Robertson '65


Nona Reinhold Kempton

Congratulations to you all!
Hi there. I attended the Friday night party at the Lexington House and had a great time. Thanks to the Reunion Committee for all your hard work - it certainly paid off, as it was a very enjoyable night with plenty of good food, drinks and lots and lots of great people. The programs were a lot of fun too. All in all, a wonderful evening with many good memories.

I wished that I could have made the Saturday night dinner, but had to attend a wedding way out west in Monmouth, Illinois. Thanks again to all who participated in the planning of this Reunion and to the people who attended to make it such a success. Looking forward to the next one?? 5 years it's the 50th for the Class of '67!! Can we actually be that old??

Dennis Carlson


I would just like to pass on my hearty congratulations on what seems to have been a very successful reunion. I am just amazed at the amount of work that has been put into this over the last year as I have read just about everything that had been posted. It is unbelievable the talent that exist within this group and how everything was brought together by people thousands of miles apart. 

Craig has drug me into areas of communication that I swore I would never use, did not want to partake in or even interested in. My word, when do you have time for anything else. You all have much to be proud of and pleased to hear so many glowing reports.

To Taffy, great article and it is on its way to some others in my son’s class that are having their reunion this weekend. You certainly do have your way with words, fur sure. Touched on many of my feelings about our age too.

Congrats to all of you.

Ron Veenstra

Patricia Tayor Hayes and ? - send name to

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